Sun & Crayon Painting

Summer is here! The kids are done with school and we are ready for some lazier days and playing out. The challenge this time is to create ART using last session left over stuff. We found a fun way to use up some old crayons!

You will need:

  • Wax crayons (not plastic)
  • Small size canvas (we used 12”by18”)
  • Cheese grater/sharpener/potato peeler/scissors.
  • Acrylic paint (any pastel shade)
  • Hot sun


  1. Start with painting the base of canvas with acrylic paint and let it dry.
  2. Peel off the wrappers from the crayons.
  3. Grate, shave and sharpen the crayons. We will need different sizes and shapes. You can leave the left over pieces the way they are or cut them into two with scissors.
  4. Once you are ready with lots of crumbled crayons mix it well and place on canvas as per the design, you may use bangles/cookie cutter or kitchen utensils to form different shapes.
  5. Place the arranged canvas in hot sun to let the magic begin!


We kept it around noon and were surprised to see the results by evening. Crayons were all melted to form beautiful work of art! Larger pieces of crayon did’nt melt completely but they did melt enough to stay in place and become part of art.


Notes: Be sure to talk about safety with your children and instruct them to keep fingers away from the graters. You can lay your canvas flat on surface or place them at a slight angle both will turn out DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL.

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