It is time for some more play at FUNTRUNK!

Summer is here and kids are so much excited already. It is the perfect time to pull out some trash and make it fun. One of the fun activities that they should try is making bubble snakes that are all over!

What Child will need:-

An Empty Water Bottle

Duct Tape / Rubber band


Dish Soap

Food Colour (optional)


What To Do:-

  1. Start by cutting the bottom of the bottle. Child will need your help for this.
  1. Then slide the socks over the bottom (Cut End) of the bottle.
  1. Secure your socks with a duct tape or a tight rubber band and you are done with it. I love how quick and easy it was to make!
  1. Now pour some dish soap into a shallow container with little bit of water and gently mix (you may add Food Colour to the Solution).
  1. Now when the solution is ready, Dip the socks into the solution and take it out. Wow the snakes are ready to come out. Gently blow into the bottle from the other side.

It might be a little messy but then kids will Love it.


NOTE: Please remind your kids to not inhale Air from inside the bottle. Only blow Air inside the bottle to make snakes. Please be careful when doing this with your kids. My kids had a blast playing with these bubble snakes.

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