Do you want to get an idea of how much FUN YOU and YOUR LITTLE ONE can have together? Do YOU want your children to have a childhood that is full of Smiles and Laughter; make them Kind Hearted who cares about others? Do you want to be a hands-on Parent but still have kids who can entertain themselves…..why not try one of our fun Activities for Kids! We at FUN TRUNK deliver a box full on learning, innovation and creativity for kids to explore.

At FUN TRUNK, We love creating Fun Boxes for you little ones.

Each of our boxes is lovingly created by educators and creative parents. Each box has to have a mix of fun, creativity, creative elements and, of course, promote interaction between parents and kids.

You don’t have to be crafty or creative. Our instructions are very easy and all you have to do is want to spend time with your little ones and help them with some of the activities.

Before we release the boxes, they are reviewed by our Product Testing Team  for the final say. They certainly do let us know if it is good or bad! We tweak it as needed and then send it to you and your little ones.

Fun Trunk was started by a crafty mum who wanted to do fun and creative projects with her kids. She is no parenting expert but merely thought that if she wanted to do these fun things, then maybe other parents did too. Shweta is a mum that lacked a quantity of time to spend with her kids but certainly wanted to make that time together quality. Every time she got the paints and craft out, the kids were well behaved and happy. She thought that maybe there was something in this that other parents would like to experience too!

We also keep on posting a lots of stuff  in our blog including  ideas of Games to PLAY, Recipes to COOK, Craft Activities to MAKE, Ideas to CREATE, Acts of KINDNESS and Options to EXPLORE outside. Have fun!