Gardening with kids (Top five tips)

Gardening is a great way for children to learn new skills while having little bit of fun. They are curious by nature, like to learn by doing and love getting dirty. Learning how to garden will teach them responsibility in caring for plants and understand nature better. I gave my children a small patch of the garden where they grew beautiful tomatoes and loved eating them. For me the look on their faces when they see what they have grown is priceless!

These are my top five tips for gardening with children:

  1. Give children their own space in the garden.

It does not have to be a large space, it could even be one pot but a space that’s theirs will encourage interest and responsibility.

  1. Grow things that you know will grow quickly

This will help them keep interested. Also, put the plants where they can see them easily, be it the balcony, kitchen windowsill or an accessible part of the garden or backyard. Chances are they would like to eat what they grow.

Good examples are lady finger, capsicum, tomatoes, spinach and carrots.

  1. Get them involved in every aspect of the gardening process.

Right from planting the seeds, watering frequently, nurturing, watching them grow, and ultimately picking the vegetables and fruits once they are ready to eat.

  1. Cheat a little.

Depending on the age of your child, you may need to help behind the scene. Not every garden task is pleasant; moreover a child may not be ready all the times for such chores. They don’t need to know about every little help you offer-child ownership is more important.

  1. Buy kids their own equipment and show off their work.

Plastic gardening tools and mini watering can are light weight and easy to use. Once ready take a photo of their harvest and share with family and friends. Attention given to their work is the best motivation for a child to stay involved.

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